About us

After years of experience in the field of grapevine cultivation and wine-making, Ing. Jan Domin decided, in the 90s, to put the acquired knowledge to use in his own family winery. He was actively partaking in running the wine business up until 2017. He was trying for wine terroir with a soul and wanted to share his wines with good natured people. His ambition went hand in hand with a clean environment, with no trace of chemistry and pessimism. He sought to achieve harmony and elegance in the cultivation and wine production. He didn’t consider the word “BIO” as a marketing label, but rather, as a necessity, that is, if you are truly serious about wine tasting. He didn’t want to describe the wines with words, he thought it better to let them speak for themselves. Today, the winery is run by his daughter Diana and son-in-law Tibor.

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